To serenade and serve: Utah cop’s body cam captures heartwarming encounter

From Fox13 — Reported by Kiersten Nunez

To serenade and serve.

“I have always been a proponent of body cams; I think this is the one call in my career I may be against body cams,” said Officer Kristian Johnson.

Officer Johnson’s body cam gives us a glimpse into the work police do when they’re not fighting crime.

Last Saturday, the officer got dispatched to fix a blind woman’s microwave. While he was there, the woman made an unexpected request that turned the call into a precious moment neither one will ever forget.

Shirley Hardman’s microwave wouldn’t stop beeping, and she was worried it was going to start a fire so she called police.

“Well it was a first time for me, I’ve never been called out to fix a household appliance before,” Johnson said.

As Officer Johnson rushed to Shirley’s home, dispatch let him know Shirley is blind and that a month ago her oven caught on fire, destroying her kitchen.


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